You will be judged.

Being judged is annoying at least and excruciating at most.
It is disturbing, perplexing and painful at times.

You will learn about your faults, mistakes and wrong decisions.

You may not like it.

There is one-sidedness.
There is misunderstanding.
There is injustice.

There are also dislikes, prejudices, intolerance or unfairness.

You may not like it either.

Through preconceived notions of others and their filters of reality:

  • You will be looked at, down or upon.
  • You will be reprimanded, scolded and rebuked. 
  • You will be aspersed, deprecated and disapproved.
  • You will be pointed at, criticized and attacked. 
  • You will be backbit too.

You may not like it at all.

The alternative is of course sound and safe.

You will be ignored.

Is it what you will like? 😉


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