The quality of our life depends on our being present in the moment.

Being here and now requires a conscious effort. Sometimes a thought is sufficient, while other times a real effort is needed. It is easy to loose focus from the now, because the train of worries, anxieties, guilt or anger is running with a full speed.

We look forward to worry in advance for the things that have not happened yet or look back at the past regretting what we did and what we didn’t. By doing so, we cannot fully enjoy of what we have achieved.

This worry is very cunning, because it usually presents itself in subtle ways. It often escapes our attention. It has a great skill of camouflage. It can easily hide behind seemingly good intentions, plans, care and responsibilities we need to handle every day. While you are thinking you are just making arrangements to solve the problems, the worry is the background tension.

We have but little influence on what happened in the past. It is history. Yet, we have arrived to this moment of now. Let us be grateful for whom we have become and what we have reached so far. Only then we can move freely on.

We can plan or work for the future, but it is only now when we have the power to choose. And act.
And the future? We cannot influence it much, yet we can shape our present moment: our thoughts, our actions and our attitude. Today is the yesterday’s tomorrow. Tomorrow is not yet a dawn, but it is only a moment of us not being present there yet.

Let’s focus on what we think and do today. The only real moment of life.

Are you working? Concentrate on it with all your might.
Are you talking to someone? Pay attention and listen proactively.
Are you walking? Sense how the world is around and how beautiful are the trees you pass. How wonderful are the colors, the nature and the background noise! And how fantastic is a new day emerging from the dark outlines of shapes and things.

Be present.

Look at your child and pay attention to him. Cuddle him, listen to him or play with him.
Look at your mother or father. Be grateful for all the efforts they have done for you.
Look at your husband, wife or partner and realize how you feel.
What good can you do with this feeling now?


Photo courtesy Fe 108Aums, available under the Creative Commons license on Flickr.



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