Are you effective in what you do?
Do your actions have positive effects?
Are you successful in making progress?


If so, please continue.
If not, please change what needs to be changed: your approach, your method, your perspective or your framework. It is only as good as the desired effect you want to achieve.


Are you concerned because you are slow at making progress?

Be not.
Appreciate your own pace.
As long as you are making progress, things are okey. Remember that a real progress occurs in jumps. It usually stays flat or is only slowly rising for a long time as if nothing happens. And, then, suddenly, you are at a different level 😉

Don’t compare yourself to where you think you should be or where others are. We are often over-ambitious with our goals.

Look at what you’ve achieved so far and what results you have. If it’s not working at all, then you may consider to change your approach. Otherwise, stay on course. Because if it’s working, even slowly, it is working. That means you are doing the right things. (Yes, you can always learn to do them better but this is another thing.)

However …

If things are not working at all, admit they are not.
The time has come to be courageous and approach change as a growth and transformation process.

Acknowledge the end.
Welcome a new beginning.
Do the right things.


Note that there is a difference between efficiency and effectiveness.  Efficiency is to do things right, i.e. use the time well for doing the tasks. Effectiveness is to do the right things, i.e. things that matter and things that produce results.


A good book on change and personal mastery is Mastery by George Leonard. Highly recommended.


The image above shows a beautiful quilt by Inge Duin. See more of her works on


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