Sometimes (or perhaps more often that I would like it to admit) I think

“I wish I was more gifted”,

“I wish I had more courage to act”

“I wish I had more luck”

“I wish I had more results”

“I wish I was pushing it through”.

Yes, “I wish I could be this or that”. Broadly understood, of course, as I wish I was quite a character ;).

But .. you know what?

Nothing changes.

There is no point in hopeful wishes for the sake of clouds of thoughts. The only way forward is to stop whining and just be talented, be pushy and make it through.

Nobody is going to give it to me a gift of awesomeness, courage or action. Nobody is going to give me more energy or more health. Nobody is going to offer me more time.

Nobody is going to make me great. Neither special.

Nobody is going to make me an authority to listen to. Nobody. 


Because it is not in their power to offer that.

So what?

The only way to make the next step is to take it.

First is the first step. Inertia is overcome. Movement is set in action. Then I’ll just take one step after another.

No matter the circumstances.

It is called perseverance.


Photo courtesy Fe Langdon, available under the Creative Commons license on Flickr.


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