Art by Jim Valentine from Creative Commons on Flickr.

True power

Your true power doesn’t show up when things are going smoothly.
Your true power doesn’t manifest when there are great difficulties.
Your true power awakens when you believe you have no more power left.

It is a moment when the circumstances take you over. Whatever you do or say is not going to improve the situation.

Things are really bad.

You have been through a series of devastating events in your life. And … just at the moment you see a light at the end of the tunnel, another disaster smashes you badly.

But … oh, no, no, no … there is no end to it yet. Before you take another breath, unexpectedly, a new calamity is behind the corner.

You are knocked down. Totally overwhelmed. Sunk in the darkness.

There is no understanding.
There is no explanation.
It all doesn’t make sense.

You are down to the very basic survival as if taking a single breath is all that is expected of you.

You feel totally defeated. You are shocked by what have come on your path. There is no more hope and no more strength. There is no solution, either.

This is the moment in which your hidden power comes alive. Finding just a tiny, tiny bit of strength to go beyond this point comes down to a plain choice.

Just one more breath.
One more step.
An act of will.

When you are at the extreme of survival, when really nothing else matters, just get angry. Angry enough to become rebellious and act. Then … breath it out and take the next step.

If you repeat it sufficiently long, then you will slowly, very slowly, arise from destruction to power.
Re-born as a phoenix from ashes.



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