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When you are stressed, the whole world seems in turmoil as well.
When you are happy, life seems at breeze.

The way you perceive the world, people and events reflects back to your inner state of consciousness.

I like this idea that the world is like a mirror. Of course, the idea is not new. It has been around for some time. Yet, putting it to test has a great consequence on personal growth.


When you live your days constantly on the-go, without a moment to pause and rest, one unfortunate event will lead to another.

Let’s say …

You car has got flat tires.
You missed your bus in the morning and are late to work.
Your kids get ill and you have to take days off.
Your roof is leaking and your gas boiler is broken.
Your cake is a disaster and you have no time to make another.
You slip in the rain or strain your ankle.
Your tooth, stomach, kidneys demand an urgent attention.
Your supervisor / boss / friend is angry at you.
Your important appointment is re-scheduled in a month time.

Can your relate to any of the above?

One unpleasant event leads to another, and before you know, the experience of life become that of survival. Put many of such days and events together, and life seems unbearable. Yet, every single event is manageable if you give it the right attention.

Of course, things do break or don’t go according to plan, at times. You know that. The world didn’t make a disaster on purpose to you. And, yes, sometimes unpleasant events come in pairs. Yet, it is your responses and your own consciousness that colors the events dark.

You may not have the direct control over many events in your life, but you do have control over your inner state. You can change your perception much easier than influence the perception of others in the world.

The world is the reality mirror of whom you are becoming.

You may of course find this idea ridiculous. Even though, you can put it to a test 😉

If your reality mirror reflects messy people, then you are likely in a mess too. Perhaps not concerning your personal belongings or the house you are living in, but your lack of vision and chaos in your mind.

If your reality mirror reflects broken or unhappy relationships, then you don’t likely have a good relation with yourself, missing self-appreciation and self-respect.

If your reality mirror reflects sadness, illness or loss, then you likely suffer from the same.

You cannot change the picture in the mirror by directly influencing the picture there, that is, the external. You have only the power to change the internal, the one who casts this picture.

Look at your reality mirror and observe what you like and dislike. Then look at your inner state and observe how the same aspects reflect in your consciousness. Keep what you like and forget what you don’t. Instead, define what you would like to have instead.

If you wish for more happy people around, start with yourself. Smile on purpose, be kind to everybody and exercise gratitude. Commit to happiness and make a small step every single day. With time you will observe more happy people in your world.

If you wish your beloved ones show more understanding for your newly learned skills / time-out / hobby, show first your understanding for theirs. Help them create the space for their needs, be patient,  appreciate their learning journey and support them. With time you will experience more understanding for your needs.

If you wish to live in a supportive community, focus on the respectful relation with yourself. Then go out and spread the kindness around. With time you will observe how the community blossoms.

The idea simplifies to being a change you want to observe in the world.

Give and receive. It is a circulation of value exchange and blessings.

As within, so without.



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