Why This Site Will Inspire You For a Desired Change

Here is the deal:

Conscious living relies on self development.
Self development is achieved by learning.
Learning happens when behavior is changed.
Behavior is changed when there is a profound shift. In the identity, understanding, perceptions, beliefs, skills or physical circumstances.

This shift occurs as a natural consequence of three practices:

  1. being present
  2. making conscious choices, and
  3. taking effective decisions.

How do we make this shift happen?

I’ll challenge your views, inspire you to action, break down personal growth challenges into simple, actionable steps and provide you with tools and techniques for a conscious growth.

Sounds interesting?

Welcome on board!


About Ela

Conscious. Inspiring. Purpose-driven. Action-taker. Creative.
Researcher. Teacher. Mentor. Communicator. Coach. Masseur. TCM-learner. Mum.

I love to think, inspire, discover and create.

I love to learn and I love to teach.

I am a polymath.

I am into health, healing, consciousness and science.

I have a genuine love for others.

I love patterns. Since early years I have been interested in patterns.

Math coding. Efficiency.
Geometric patterns. Elegance.
Musical patterns. Harmony.
Nature. Awe and respect.
Stars. Amazement.
Patterns in habits. Cycles.
Patterns in people. Behaviors.
Patterns in life. Learning curves.
Patterns in nations. Power.

Not surprisingly, I did PhD in Pattern Recognition. You can look at my publications here, if you like.

I love asking questions.

What do you want to experience in life? What do you value? How do you want to grow?

How do we recognize patterns? What are the patterns in your life? What are the patterns in organizations?

What is a good model of our world? What is our reality? What is a dream?

What is consciousness? What is love? Who is God?


Whatever difficult experience you are going through right now, there is a high chance I can relate to it. You are not alone even when it seems so. Do not close your heart but go out and connect to others. Find a way and make it happen.

Be blessed Dear Traveler.

Cheers to You and Consciousness,

-Ela Pekalska


p.s. Yes, I like the color red too.