I am an avid reader because I cannot imagine life without books. They are a source of inspiration, provocation and growth. Below I’ve made a selection of books that are worth your time and effort. Enjoy!

Recommended reading

If you want to live a meaningful life and make a change happen, read the books below.

Some are good.
Some are great.
Some are transformational.
It depends where you are on your journey.

Choose a book that is of interest to you. Read it. Contemplate it. And apply the ideas to your life. There is no learning without testing.

Change is directed by action.


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Does your life suck? Do you lack meaning in life?

Read the books below:


Mind and Reality


Brain. Mind

Emotions and Intelligence

Intuition. Decision making.

Personal development. Coaching



Antibiotics and alternatives

Health and Healing



Productivity. Effectiveness.