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We live in the times of Events.

Things happen. Meetings take place. Decisions are made.
There is rush, rush, rush. There is an endless to-do list.

Does it sound familiar? I bet, it does.

We want to communicate. Fast.
We want to get the results. Fast.
We want to get rich. Fast.

We want the easy, pain-free, quick fixes. And fast solutions.

Even better, we want it instant.

Instant messaging.
Instant coffee.
Instant food.
Instant education.
Instant cure.
Instant banking.

Instant life?

This has something to do with:

  1. the perception that the quality of life depends on the amounts of things, people and events we squeeze in,
  2. our weird impulse for an instant gratification.

The latter is an emotional pleasure related to getting what we want or reaching a goal. We want the very thing and we want it now. Short-term pleasure is just before our eyes, while long-term effects are hidden behind the clouds.

You want coffee. You get it.
You want the newest ipad. You buy it.
You want a fast laptop. You make it happen now.
You want these fancy trainers. Sure, you deserve them.

Following such impulses leads to overindulgence of all kinds and overspending.  It requires a conscious thought to overcome this.

Events are cool

Events are cool. They are shining spikes in our life experience. Glitter and glamor. Sweetness and refreshment. Fun and excitement. Thrill and pleasure. You name it! And while Events and Results are important, they are just single occurrences.

  • Why it is easy to eat one perfectly healthy meal, but it is difficult to eat them every day?
  • Why it is easy to go to a course, but it is difficult to practice what you learn?
  • Why is it easy to buy a guitar, but difficult to play?
  • Why is it easy to text or tweet, but difficult to write an article?

The difficulty arises from the gap between an Event and a Process.
It is easy to get excited and fire up your motivation for a one-time effort: the Event.
It is difficult to maintain the same fire for a repeated application: the Process.

Processes are maintenance

Processes are often boring. They are about systems, maintenance and practice. There is hardly any extra thrill or excitement, yet it is the processes that are key to the mastery of your life. They are about a long-term focus.

They are about 3P: Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.

What Events begin, Processes master

An Event is to get your attention.

To kick your butt. To make you think. To inspire you. To challenge you. To ask for an action.

Yes, the Events are necessary.

Some are entertainment. Some are interesting. Some are O.K.
And some are life-changing.
They shock. They shake. They shift.
Your view. Your beliefs. Your balance.

But yet, they only make sense if, after a genius spark, a suitable Process follows.

  • A headache is an Event, but being healthy is a Process.
  • A party is an Event, but a workday is a Process.
  • A diploma/license is an Event, but learning is a Process.
  • A car accident is an Event, but applying the conclusions is a Process.

Birth is an Event, but life is a Process.

Event vs Process

The difference between an Event and a Process can be summarized below:

Is a calendar issue Is a habit/culture issue
About decisions About development
Motivates / Inspires people Matures people
Challenges people Changes people (permanently)


To better understand the differences, watch this hilarious explanation:


You choose

You can pretend to be ignorant about it. To slide vigorously over the Events, and live from party to party, from paycheque to paycheque, from a small talk to a small talk. You can pretend you are above all this boring stuff that others are after. You can believe that life holds a different glamorous scenario for you. In the end you are a unique and talented being, aren’t you? You can apply the routine but why bother if you can choose the easy way.

Yet, the easy way will leave you lonely, empty and insecure. Don’t be surprised to find yourself in derail, without meaning and with little accomplishment. There are other guys, as gifted and genius as you are, waiting for you in this Pit.

The way out of the Pit is by taking the bull by its horns. Responsibility. Response-ability.

Event is to Process as Childhood is to Maturity

[Tweet “Event is to Process as Childhood is to Maturity.”]

As you embrace childhood into your maturity, use the spark from an Event to continue with the Process. And any process is about habits or a routine. Perhaps dull, boring and repetitive actions. The same time of the day, week and month. For years to come.

Consciously chosen.

And it is the joy of the action itself, of the training, of the work, of the habit that keeps you moving. Towards a more conscious you.

It is the habit of exercising and eating whole foods that will keep you well.
It is the habit of active listening to make your relation blossom.
It is the habit of relaxing to keep you stress free.
It is the habit of honesty to let you become a content adult.
It is the habit of doing the first things first before allowing for any other disturbance.

You choose.


Every day in order to keep your Processes running well.


Look at your life from the perspective of a Process. It will make a difference.


The image above shows a beautiful work by Inge Duin. See more of her works on  www.ingeduin.nl.



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