Every year I take the time to remember the Ones who passed away. I do it especially on the All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day, i.e. the 1st and 2nd November.

The Ones are family members, friends and interesting people whom I have met on my path.

I light the candles and recall who they were and what they strived for.

I recall their experiences, learning points and funny stories.

I remember our common joy, fun and laughter as well as seriousness and responsibility.

And I remember the understanding I achieved as a result of our meetings.

I remember love.

In all this I uncover patterns in their lives and I look for the lessons I can apply to mine.

I honor the People for the blessings they brought into my life.  I pray for their families to be blessed anew.

This little ritual is for me an appreciation of Gratitude, which is memory of the Heart. I do this to acknowledge that whom I have become is influenced, inspired or challenged by the People I have met in my life.

Give honor and become grateful for the People who crossed your life path.

It is special.



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