There was a lovely summer night. It was hot, but no so much as during the day. The night was young and full of promises. The darkness was friendly and welcoming. The stars were shining. The wind was brushing the cheeks. Space, people and stars. A lovely combination.

Life was seemingly frozen in a perfect moment of balance.

Harmony. Elegance. Music. Being present.

And in moment like this, a few people were discussing life and about.


“I’m tired. I’m really tired”, said Mark. “I’ve had no break, no holiday for ages. There is only work and responsibilities.”

Mark was 30 and tired of life indeed.

“I’ve been asking questions for my whole life, with little results. I don’t want to ask questions any more”, sighed Mark. “I even don’t want the answers any more. I want the results.”

Mark was feeling as if life was running too fast. He lost the sense of purpose and direction.

“I’ve found answers”, said John, “… but I haven’t got any satisfactory explanation to the important questions I asked.” He sighed as well. “I hear the same ideas or generalizations over and over again. Nothing new under the sun. Sometimes I’m offered complaints, nagging or meaningless advice.  And I’m lost as ever.” 

John was 40+ and disappointed. His life was run by boredom and routine, day by day. He was dreaming about the enthusiasm and inspiration he used to have. They were gone for good, however. Where to find them?

“I don’t feel like doing anything meaningful in my life. I lack contribution.” John sighed.

“What’s wrong with you guys? It is better not to think too much”, added Frankie. “It’s probably a matter of age”, he continued. “I don’t ask too many questions. They lead me astray”, he paused. And then he said

“You guys are quite old and therefore start to think about unnecessary issues. Questions are stupid.”

“There are questions that you need to answer, however”, observed Mark.

“I don’t believe so. Which question, for example?” Frankie was surprised.

“What makes you tick?”,  “What is happiness?”, “How to become successful?” asked John. “There are more important ones, as well”, he thought. “Who are you?” is an example of a truly powerful question.

“For me it is only important how much money I have and how to make it.” – Laughed Frankie.

“There is no money without success.” Mark reported.

“They say that money does not give happiness…” – laughed John – “but the ones who say it either have the money in abundance or nothing at all.” He paused.

-“When you are 40, you either have the money, or you will likely not have. When you are 30, your are still hopeful, and for the 20 year old, everything is just as difficult and just as possible. Before you watch life pass.

“What are you talking about?” – said the old man, who had just entered the room.

“Oh, you’ll not understand this,” said Frankie – “Just a small talk.”

– “What are you talking about?” – asked the seven year old boy, who ran happily to the table attracted by the shapes, colors and flavors. The blinking stars did their job too. They were fully visible through the window.

“You will not understand”, said the 40+, “You’re too small. We are talking about serious stuff. Nothing for small kids.” – he added.

“Will I understand when I become as big as you are?” asked the youngest.

“If you become like them, you will not understand.” said the oldest.

“So, whom should I become?”, asked the little one.

“Stay as curious and playful as you are” – said the old men. “And never get old”, he added with a smile.


The conversation above is a free interpretation of this post (in Polish) by a great coach, Maciej Bennewicz.


Photo courtesy Fe 108Aums, available under the Creative Commons license on Flickr.



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