In addition to preparing green smoothies, I use both my blender and juicer to make other drinks or raw food meals. The cool part is that the raw food recipes are usually super easy to follow. And the final results are often delicious.  Recipes for a perfect smoothie and raw ice-cream are below.

Three simple summer bliss recipes

1. One of my favorite smoothie is my Perfect Bliss smoothie, which is heavenly tasty. The great part is that any blender will do the job.

Perfect Bliss Smoothie
1 ripe papaya
1 ripe, large banana
1 teaspoon of raw honey
3-4 cups of buttermilk

Raw honey = unpasteurized honey, which is not your regular honey from the shop. Look for raw honey in a health food shop or buy online.

2. I also love raw ice-cream which is made from raw ingredients and no milk. The super simple recipe for a perfect ice-cream is

Banana ice-cream
3-4 ripe, large bananas, frozen


Banana-mango ice-cream
2 ripe, large bananas, frozen
1 big mango, frozen

Take frozen bananas and mangos and process them in a auger juicer. That’s it. The result is your banana or banana-mango ice-cream. What the juicer does is to make it really soft and get rid of frozen water crystals. You may use a blender as well but the result is poor.

3. Another delicious recipe for raw ice-cream is presented by the Green Smoothie Girl. Check it out!




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